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 "I feel you REALLY have the gift!"

  Chrystal L.

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Rated #1 Guide to Love and Career in the Big Apple.

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"How long have you been reading Tarot?" I get asked pretty much every day.

So here is the story :)

When I was 12 years old I saw a girl on a TV show doing a Tarot reading and I was immediately fascinated by the whole situation. That's all I could think and talk about, until I was gifted a deck of Tarot de Marseille.

And that was the beginning of a 30+ years journey withe the Tarot.

When it became clear that this was becoming my full time occupation I asked the Universe for a clear sign that this was my path.

The same day I met the famous psychic Frank Andrews on a street in Little Italy.

After a little chat I asked him if he would be my mentor and he invited me to meet with him on a weekly basis.

Those weekly meetings talking about Tarot, doing readings, and listening to stories about his 60+ years career reading for celebrities, royals, and gangsters, lasted several months. I consider it my PhD in Tarot.

So here we are. How can I help you?

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Jessica J.



"My reading was incredibly spot on, and very detailed. The time taken to investigate the full situation and gain clarity was so helpful and truly gave me an in-depth insight in the situation 💗 thank you!"

Tarot Psychic New York

"Absolutely wonderful!!!! Thank you"


"Great job helped me think through what was stressing me out."

Christy S.

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